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Duuuuuude. Fricking dark man. And I love it. XD This is definitely not a show for the faint of heart. I am very much looking forward to more of this show. You guys should totally check it out, especially if you like the fantasy D&D-like genre.

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the way the first episode went for it, i'am hoping it real more brutal like how it is in the manga.
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Definitely piqued my interest after hearing all the crying online about it. I'll probably get around to watching it just to see what all the fuss is about. Hopefully its not just a "shock anime" but with the abysmal line up this season I dont have much to lose in giving it a shot.
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That was the darkest episode of an anime Ive ever witnessed so messed up.
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Like the rest, it was a very dark anime, I was not expecting it to get this brutal. I love how its a change of pace compared to previous anime though as there isn't often dark fantasy.
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I gotta check this out.
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Yeah can't believe i never knew about the manga til the anime came out.
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i mean tbh i thought it was ok like i really don't see the hype for it reminds me lots of konosuba but less good and that uhhh goblin scene was nasty and kinda ruined it for me i mean hey if you this type of stuff then go for it i just really didn't enjoy it as much as i thought it did i'll still probably watch the rest of it cus maybe i'll change my mind but so far after that first episode its meh
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