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So today i hit 2k thanks on TheTechGame... I've spent a lot of time getting this badge!

Hopefully I'll be getting a few more milestones in the near future:

Shoutbox hero
2k Rep On TheTechGame
And Supreme Gifter

Thanks to all the Shoutboxs homies and the Staff Member Past and Present for making this site what it is today Love ya !

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Owen For This Useful Post:

RepBandit (10-07-2018), Mikey (10-07-2018), XePaulio (10-07-2018), GBC (10-07-2018), Luke (10-07-2018), Arkani (10-07-2018), Jay (10-07-2018), MrMw209 (10-07-2018), Anime (10-07-2018), Ye (10-07-2018), Tom (10-07-2018)
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Good luck with those milestones man!

And also congrats on 2k thanks!
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Congratulations man, that is a lot for some good content! Good luck to future milestones cause I know you'll have a ton!
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Congrats brother! Im working towards that 1k thanks.
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Glad to see you get here, keep up the great work.
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Congrats loser.
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My boy! Congrats on reaching 2k thanks! Good luck with all of your future milestones as well
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Congrats on hitting 2k thanks
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Welcome to the 2k thanks club mate.
3k is taking it's time haha.

Good luck on your future milestones buddy!
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Congrats on 2k thanks bro currently working my way to 1k
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