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Let me know what your greatest achievement is so far in life

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I have recently found out my girlfriend is pregnant so up to date this is my best achievement
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Graduating College.
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Nah but fr probably overcoming my anxiety and genuinely leaving the house again
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Owning a home An 2 cars
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Not failing out of school last semester lol. I need a 2.5 or higher GPA to stay in the business school here and I had a 2.4 after a long climb from my freshman year where I only had a 1.6 after taking 8 classes. Last semester I got the best grades I've ever gotten and achieved a 3.6
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being known on a gaming forum
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making it past high school lol
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Loke wrotebeing known on a gaming forum

Lmao great life achievement
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Passing my first 2 years of college, only 2 more to go.
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