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ReLife is about a 27 year old guy named Arata Kaizaki everyone around him called him a loser he failed every job interview he went to but a guy named Ryou Yoake offers him a chance to change his life he gives Arata a pill that changes his appearance to a 17 year old to give him a chance to better his life. I thought it was a really cool concept it i love this show so much i would rate it 8/10 i thought it was a fantastic story.

and if u want to see what happens after they made a special called ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen so if you like ReLife i would suggest for you to go and check that out aswell

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Watched this a while back, loved it.
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It's a great anime, would definitely watch again. Great review.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the series and would consider it as being in my top 10 list. As mentioned, there is an OVA followup which continues the story in to the School Festival and through to graduation; unfortunately it is only four episodes meaning that it will feel slightly rushed, however it is still a must watch for those who have seen the series and want a conclusion. It is a shame that it was an OVA though as I would have loved a second season continuation.

There is a live-action movie adaptation and, whilst these don't often work out too well, I would have to say that it was pretty well done. A few plot changes were made so that they could fit the entirety of the story in to the 2 hour movie, but still, pretty well done.

Fortunately the manga finished earlier this year so if you were a fan of the anime and wanted more, going back and reading the manga is definitely worth it.
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Sounds kinda bland. Yet another anime about a guy in high school surrounded by high school girls. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man but these anime got old pretty fast. The "age difference" is pretty interesting but also slightly creepy.

More than likely will not be watching this one. However, I appreciate you taking the time to review it. It's always nice to see whats out there.
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