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whats the best way to earn money on FH4 and is there any tips on levelling?
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Money is easy to get on this game, never ran out.

Leveling can be done by the more you play it, or by linking your Mixer account and just leaving a tab open with it on.
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Money, well just play the game and you'll earn more than you spend.

Leveling is easy as well, same as above play, earn wheel spins etc and get cash
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Easiest way to earn money is just try to place first in every race, and when your placing first it will ask you if you want to go to above average racer's to earn 15 percent more credits, just keep up with the story line. Also do the challenge's example "Go 160 MPH" or "Fly 100 feet".
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Finish the missions and money comes by easily
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Have a mixer stream open, build up your influence for when you get on the roster, you should gain a few wheelspins from that.

Other than that, just play the game. or cheat.
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join my club on there guys gamertag *Rlee* ill help you out ii have the treasure map so can get loads of influence boards add me up guys search *Alpha Racing*
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