BO4How do you get Black ops 4 early?Posted:

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Was told that you can get early access for it but don't know how, anyone know?

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Ye (10-06-2018)
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If you preorder from Amazon they usually ship it early and you can get it up to a few days early.
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I got darksouls 3 early by going to a small family run videogame shop. There is a day one patch so even if you get bo4 you cant get past the start screen withou the update
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There was only the beta people might get it a day early due to delivery times and what not.
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Even if you get the game early, servers wont be up until certain time, as it goes up for everyone at the same time anyway, I think.

been a long time, I forgot but Retailers send it out early.
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I usually get my games early by purchasing online.

Various places have sent me games up to a week early.
Amazon usually gets it to me 2 days early, Best Buy has gotten it to me up to a week early on some occasions.
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you cant get it early, amazon always breaks street dates same with local small game stores, or you can pay more
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cant play until the update bro so its pointless trying
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Purchase from Simply Games. You get the game a day early everytime for no additional cost.

Check their Trustpilot if you have doubts.
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GBC wrotecant play until the update bro so its pointless trying

Most likely the update will drop tomorrow, Happened last year with WW2.
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