Shouterday time bois!!!!!!!Posted:

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Hello and welcome to Shouterday I will be your host Loke

you can come join us for tea and biscuits by clicking here

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and if you want to come see something sp00ky click here


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oh and if you wanna come join the discord for some dank memes and sp00ky people click here

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also, make sure you guess check out the contests

TheTechGame Halloween Graphics King Contest

TheTechGame Halloween Costume Contest

happy Halloween month everyone

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I'll be there for all the rep

Ps. Sorry nick

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Come join the shoutbox! Tons of rep is handed out, you get to interact with the staff members, it's a blast! Look out for the one dude named Cent though. Heard he's really fat and really hungry, so he might just come out of no where and eat you... Weird guy, right ?

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Don't do drugs kids.
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Loke, you make me cringe most of the time....
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See you all in the sb dont forget to rep hwah
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I will be returning completely this Shouterday catch you boys on the flip side
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Happy shouterday! Ill be throwing some rep around the sb
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If I heard correctly free rep?
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