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This opens up following a gamer Takuma Sakamoto who in real life is socially awkward but online is known as the Demon Lord Diablo, a high-ranking character in the fictional place called MMORPG Cross Reverie. After he is suddenly transported into the game via a summoning ritual spell by the elf called Shera L. Greenwood and a demon cat girl named Rem Galleu, Diablo finds himself on a mission to help the two girls overcome their mission to release the demon locked inside Rem.

There are side missions all the group of these characters go on and lots of funny gags and comedies in this. The characters are pretty likable.

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Shera and Rem

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Diablo is the most powerful Demon or character in this universe.

If you wanna check out a funny Isekai LN adaptation anime check this out.

Overall, it's kind of a stupid storyline but I enjoyed this by the funny intriguing moments all the characters have.

Art: 4



Rating- 6/10

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Honestly only heard about this anime due to the appalling amount of lewd memes that came from it. Seems like another generic "moe comedy" anime that thrives off slapstick humor and "cute girls doing cute things". Not to knock anyone who is into that kind of stuff, but it's just not my type of thing.
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