IntroductionHey everyone! Cool to have found this site.Posted:

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Hows it going everybody, happy to be here.

Just a dude who loves pc and xbox games, starting to like my pc ones more so I have decided to dig into the world of pc building. I dig building things, I like to think I have a mind for it. Hope to talk to yall soon.

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Welcome to the site fam.

If you have any questions just shoot me a PM.

A few users big into the PC section around here would be @Craig @r00t @Adam @13

If you need any help with a build I'm sure these guys above would be more than willing to help.

Also if you want to chat with some other users swing by the shoutbox sometime, that's where I spent most of my time here.


Hope to see you active and around the forums.

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Welcome to ttg as long as youve read the rules there shouldnt be any issues need any help pm one of the members listed in the post above mine
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Welcome to the site bro be sure to check out the shout box and hope to see you active around the forums
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Hey welcome to the site, some topics here will be perfect for what you like to do.
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Welcome to the site! See you around the forums & sb
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Hey man welcome to the site need anything drop me a message
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Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Welcome to TTG, enjoy!
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Made a post in pc build forum. If I still get questions I'll hit some of you up!
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