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This one is for us mechanics, I'm curious what's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen happen in your shop?
I'm a Tech in a Ford Service Center and a few days ago we had a guy drive a brand new 2018 Ford F-250 half way off the lift, while it was at max height. Took us all a good 45 minutes just to get it off the lift. Broke all kinds of things, fenders, oil pan, etc it was one heck of a mess.

Other than that, we had a Lincoln come in probably about a year ago, and the owner said "i might have missed my oil change by a few miles" I figured that meant maybe a couple hundred or thousand. The last oil change was at 75,000, the car had almost 200,000 on it. I dont know how it was still running, but it would hardly drain, and we ended up having to tear off the top end and clean and order new parts.
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Bruh, I work at a casino I think I could top Walmart stories.

So a drunk guy fell asleep in the bathroom well taking a shit and smoking and caught himself on fire, no lying.
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I work in a warehouse in woodshop and my co-worker was unloading a truck and the truck didn't put the back wheel studs on and he ended up falling off the truck in the forklift . Very crazy got to see it all too
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