Generalwhat age was you when your parents let you go out alonePosted:

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i was about 9or10 but my mum wouldnt let me go far she would make me stay in the area.

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Probably around 10 as well. I had to check in every half hour though by coming home and saying, "I'm okay."
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I Think around 8 or 10 but there was a limit end of the road or this Tree that used to be near the end of the road
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yeah i think about 9 or 10 not sure.
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I was in around year 5-6 when they fired started lettIng me out
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It was I think 11 maybe 10. I was a big boy
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Around 8 Years old, Couldn't cross the street though. I remember having to persuade my friends to come over and play on my side of the street "Hey man, come over here i got the new Tony Hawk"

Couldn't walk to school with my friends though, walked home alone and got jumped by some 10th graders for my wallet when i was in the 8th grade
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10 with friends around my block but I couldn't be free to go wherever until I was 14
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They started letting me go out alone (but on scheduled times) when I was 12 and they finally let me go out with friends without specifying a time at about 16.
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id have to say it started when i was 14. they let me get some snacks from the gas station lmao
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