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Have you guys seen the most recent police shooting?it was with a 74year old man disabled war vet he killed 1 and injured 6others. the police were serving a warrant for a 27year old sexual assualt on a foster child at the home

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Where did this happen? Do you have any more info on it?
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SmItHeAd11 wroteWhere did this happen? Do you have any more info on it?

Florence, South Carolina.
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That is very terrifying act by the two! Disgusting and crazy, these two apparently had problems, sadly one died but they're going to be in the pen for a long time!
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Damn that is brutal
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Dude if your going to post int he enws section include articles and stuff what youve said is the bare minimum
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There has been a few police shooting this month, so sad to hear.
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