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2018 Halloween Scary Story Contest

Excerpt from Trick's story:
A lot of stuff has happened in the last 353 days. People have died, people have escaped, and Sean has captured more people. One guy here escaped after only a few days and hasn't been back since. Sean takes Zach upstairs and sometimes we don't see him for days, even weeks. When he comes back down, he's too scared to talk about his experiences.

No plagiarism
Must be derived from Trick's excerpt talking about Zach's experiences to receive Tricks choice.

1st Place: 1 month of gold, 2,000 reputation
2nd Place: 1,000 Reputation
3rd Place: 500 Reputation
Tricks choice: 1 month of gold, 2,000 reputation

Notable entries will receive some reputation.

Winners will be chosen by upvote/downvotes.

Deadline is 10/31/2018

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Here we go, i heard this place hasn't been entered in about 10 years. Tim asks me "why are we going in here its so creepy" i reply "Don't be a little bitch lets go". We then enter the building and before we even walk 10 yards Tim starts to feel things he says he 'feels another presence not just us' i laugh at him and say "You're such a little girl", we walk into a long dark corridor to see walls decorated with splashed of blood and hand marks, bloody water filled the corridor at this point i am worried thinking to myself 'what actually happened here' Tim then tells me "we should go it isn't safe he--
Just before he finishes his sentence we hear a little girl scream and a door slam shut, Tim Immediately runs past me and hops through the window that we broke into the building through. I sprint after him as i cannot be in here alone. i see the fence that we come through shaking as if he had run through it outside the buildings grounds i shout his name... No reply at this point I'm very worried, but then i hear the bushes rustle and a door open to my left, i run through these long thorn bushes wondering where Tim has gone, i come out of the bushes at the other end to find myself at another part of the building with the door slammed open i slowly walk in and whisper "Tim, are you in here" no reply...
i turn and slowly walk down another corridor this corridor appeared to have wheelchairs and childrens toys throughout i see a shadow move across further down i shout "Tim is that you" as you guessed no reply again. In the distance i hear another scream sounding like it came from an older male. I head towards the end of the corridor where i saw the shadow, i see all over the walls brown and red marks, the smell in here is dreadful. i check all the rooms as i go past them seeing that they're all empty apart from one. This one room stands out a lot more than the other. This room has a chair inside a big wooden chair with ropes around it... there were bones in the corner of the room, i realize now why Tim thought this was a bad idea. I hear footsteps coming towards me down the corridor i stay quiet because they sounded to calm to be Tim hear it walk past the room and carry on down the corridor, I stand up and peak outside the door to see who was there. It was an older man kinda scruffy but also kinda creepy long black greasy hair and a long black rain coat with rips in it.
I think to myself 'maybe he lives here, he could be homeless or then again maybe he is security but why would security look like that' i head out of the room and walk the opposite way towards where the shadow was earlier. I come to another room, there appears to be shattered glass and red writing on the wall saying 'HELP!' 'ALONE' and 'I'M SCARED'. In the corner there is a little girl sat staring at the wall crying. i walk over to her and ask her "Are you okay? Why are you here?" She turns around and looks terrified and doesn't say a word, the door then bangs behind me. I slowly turn around Scared for my life. The man is there, he has dried blood all over his hands and cuts on his face, he looks me dead in the eyes and says "hello my child, Welcome to my home" as he lets out a creepy laugh and smiles as he pulls out what appears to be a piece of sharp rusty tin wrapped around a long plastic cylinder, he walks towards me i start to panic and i throw myself towards him, pushing him over. i yell at the little girl telling her to 'RUN' She doesn't respond she just sits there i run down the corridor through the thorn bushes towards the exit where we got in, When i get there i realize the fence that we come through has now been replaced by another piece of fence and has been zip-tied to the others. i hear the bushes behind me rustle so i turn and run back into the building i started inside, there is 3 rooms one 2 of which the doors are closed and appear to be locked, i head into the third one. This is where i see a figure laying on the floor in a pool of blood. i think to myself 'wait a minute those are the same clothes Tim is wearing, please tell me it isn't him' i hear footsteps running through the corridor i turn to my left to see a bunch of covers stacked up in the corner with little rips in them i crawl under the covers to discover a body. There is a body of a young man laying there with his mouth wide open, it appears his jaw is broken and his teeth are removed i shiver and move further away from the body scared for my life, the man then bolts into the room smashing the door against the wall picks up the body from the middle of the room, at this point the person that was on the floor appears to be Tim, he is beaten and bleeding all over the man pulls out the weird weapon he has and pushes it towards Tims neck, My parents taught me never to stand down when people you love are being hurt. I come out from under the covers and pick up a brick that has fell from the wall, i slowly walk up behind the man and smack him across the head with it. i pick up Tim and the mans homemade weapon and carry Tim towards the exit i sit Tim down next to the fence and i cut the zip-ties off of the fence and move it out of the way, i then pick Tim back up and carry him out of there. i hear the little Girl whimper behind me, as i turn around she appears to have a weapon and slices my stomach through my t-shirt, she lets out a sinister giggle and continues to cut me i push her and i run dragging Tim along with me, we barely make it out of there alive. I am cut bad blood pouring from my shirt and my hands Tim is laying there i ask him what happened he just lays there with his eyes shut, i shake him "you cant be dead Tim please no" i hear a voice of on older man he looks like he is in his late 50s or older, he says "you're lucky. Nobody every makes it out of this place alive, i was one of the lucky ones 5 years ago" He stand up and shows me the scars he has on his stomach and arms. He then says "i was a security guard in here and i heard screams coming from inside, Was it her that cut you?" "who" i ask, he says "grace, the little devil child that belongs to him" "yes it was her, but who is he" i ask. The man says "Nobody knows who he is, all i know is that he was locked up here before it closed down 10 years ago, some people say he cant leave here. it will always be home to him, others say he is crazy and sleeps there of a night but lurks the streets in the day. Enough of the talk we need to go before he finds out you escaped" I try to wake Tim but he doesn't respond. The man checks for a pulse and tells me "your friend is dead. I'm sorry for what has happened here, you should never have came here". I hear a frightful deep voice come from behind me say "you're right about that" as i feel hand wrap around my shoulders and i get dragged back into the building, after that i black out, i wake up a few minutes later to find myself tied to the wooden chair with my fingers removed and my clothes removed the man is stood on the other side of the room laughing slicing what appears to be an arm eating parts that he removes he then looks directly into my eyes he has blood around his mouth and a rusty blood ridden saw in his hand he says to me "it's your Time" as he rests the saw onto my arm and starts cutting and i start to lose conscience as i look down and see my arm gone. i became one of many of the vicTims to this terrible man and My best friend Tim did too. I'm Sorry Tim.
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I think the scariest thing out there is just looking in the mirror, not just because of your looks, but what we've become. We, humans, have destroyed this earth to the core putting millions of species in danger and even our own kind for what, power? We desecrate our surroundings without looking at the future of what it'll cause, all for having a moment in the present. We produce 2.12 billion tons of waste on land and water killing millions of animals and causing viruses that are among us. We're trying to create a beautiful picture for human existence through a fake image.

Nothing is scarier than the future for humanity.
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Scary story contest bump. 10 days left to enter.
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