Who should win TTGs 2018 Halloween Costume Contest?

27.54% (19 votes)
34.78% (24 votes)
14.49% (10 votes)
13.04% (9 votes)
10.14% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 69

TheTechGame Halloween Costume Contest (Concluded)Posted:

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353 days. 353 days since Sean found us. 353 days since Friday the 13th. 353 days since we were free. I miss the outside world. You don't Nodus how many things you take for granted until you don't have them anymore. Video games, Hilton hotels, Dil pickles, ......anime. Lots of staff used to like anime, but no one liked it more than DaleUK. DaleUK loved anime.

A lot of stuff has happened in the last 353 days. People have died, people have escaped, and Sean has captured more people. One guy here escaped after only a few days and hasn't been back since. Sean takes Zach upstairs and sometimes we don't see him for days, even weeks. When he comes back down, he's too scared to talk about his experiences.

We have a new guy here named Adam. All Adam wanted to do was go Tricks or Treating on Halloween like any normal 22 year old prodigy. His mistake though was coming here, his mistake was ringing Sean's doorbell. He's had the same Scizor costume on since he was thrown down here. Elijah, Chris, and Luke are working on making some magic Potion that they say will give us the powers to take on Sean, but they're not making too much Cents nowadays. They've been concocting different ways to escape for years now.

We do have hope though. We used to think no one was looking for us, that is until Jimbo showed us this:


August 7th, 2018

TheTechGame Staff Being Held Hostage, whereabouts unknown.

(London, United Kingdom) -

The City of London Police Department have received a tip from a civilian that at least 20 staff members are being held hostage in an unknown location by a maDzman that is known on the world wide web as "Sean". The civilian, who would like to remain anonymous, telli's us he was kidnapped by Sean but was able to escape a few days later. Unfortunately, the man said he got Lost during his escape and is unable to tell us the location of where he believes the other staff are being held captive.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these staff members, please contact Ethan at Crime Stoppers.

If anyone thinks they see Sean, follow him back and try and locate us. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE. If you guys forgot what he looks like, he has a tattoo of a Halo on his right leg. Rumor has it Ethan and the authorities plan on issuing a Mortar strike around the house to try and take Sean out. We are ready to get out. Please come and help us.

The staff team is relying on you...

FINALLY - It is Halloween Competition time on TheTechGame! This time we bring you not just one, but TWO contests! We not only have the old favourite Costume contest, but this year sees the return of the Graphics King contest.


  • No fake images! (This must be you, in your costume. We will disqualify anyone found posting fake images)

  • Do not reserve spots! (Post when you have an image/video of your costume. October is the month of Halloween parties, it's okay to wait to post your costume!)

  • Only post with your entry! (We do not need this to turn into a discussion thread, use the thumbs system if you like/dislike the users costume)

  • Only post costumes from THIS YEAR, we do not want to see what you dressed up as 3 years ago!


  • Members Favorite (Decided by Thumbs Up () and Thumbs Down ()

  • The 5 members with the most upvotes will be entered into a 4 day poll where the community will decide the winner!

  • Please make sure you go through the whole thread to make sure those who had late entries aren't left out!

  • Notable entries will also be rewarded with candy and other treats.

  • Will accept entries for the POLL until November 3rd at 4pm ET

  • The final voting POLL period will end on November 8th at 9pm ET



1st Place:
Winner! badge, 3 months of gold, 2000 rep, and a $25 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

2nd Place:
3 months of gold, 1000 rep, and a $25 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

3rd Place:
1 month of gold, 1000 rep, and a $25 gift card of your choice: (Amazon, PSN, Steam, or Xbox)

Everyone who participates will receive the following badge:



Feel free to take a look at our 2011 Halloween Costume Competition,2012 Halloween Costume Contest, 2014 Halloween Costume Contest,2015 Halloween Costume Contest,2016 Halloween Costume Contest or our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest to take a peek at previous entries!

Have Fun and Happy Halloween!

If anyone is caught PMing or IMing users asking for votes, you will be disqualified.

Congratulations! You have found the hidden message! PM me with the following message to receive 500 rep: Tricks is spooky!

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Yes I just got dressed up to take this photograph
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Here is my TTG Costume


Persuadable Bouncer Meme:
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Last year I bought this old mask and actually went around the neighborhood with it (yes as a 23 year old man) and a lot of people found it hilarious. Probably not going to do it again this year but really want the badge so I just dressed up again for this picture. A few different changes from my original costume and it definitely looks better (e.g., TTG shirt instead of polo shirt, different shoes). Only thing missing that I had last year was a walker.


sorry for the small image but I have an iPhone 6
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As much as i'll probably play dress up this year..

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I will be donating some of my free time this year for the same business as last year during their October sale.

Here is an album with more pictures
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A Challenger Approaches...
im coming for you Nasur

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Just a daily routine, nothing special <3

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