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Every year I show my support for the month of October
Banners avatars signatures and donations.

Many of the members follow me and change name colors etc to show their support for the month of October. breast cancer awearness month

Thank you all for the support to help fight against breast cancer awareness

I posted one day early to get members started

Thank you all for the support
And many members have family who have gone thru this or knows someone who has gone thru this

Thank you all in showing your support

Also sorry my post is kind of plan right now I wil update it and make it better
At work at the moment another reason why I am posting this early

To get a head start and to get more members involved

Thanks for your support members of The Tech Game
Thank you RepBandit for your support and backing me every year for this
Go join Wizards Breast Cancer Awareness Gift of Gold at your chance to be gifted Gold to help join the Fight against Cancer

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I really appreciate you doing this, i'd be glad to participate!
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Gladly participating, just waiting for my avi to get approved!

Thanks for the yearly post
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I would absolutely love to participate This makes me happy to see fellow TTG members who feel the same way as me
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Awesome thing to do, glad to see people still do recognition for things like this!
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Updated post special thanks to Rep Bandit for the support also and helping members get there avatars and banners etc
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Rodent_Modz wroteUpdated post special thanks to Rep Bandit for the support also and helping members get there avatars and banners etc

Of course i back this every year man.
Thanks for the shoutout and ill start getting the design rolling to whoever would like to support.

Here is to another year Rodent! God bless
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I'm glad to see people spread awareness, amazing topic.
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I'll gladly join in, still have my avis from a few years ago
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I'll also join for the cause. Waiting for new graphics.
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