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Finished S3 of My Hero Academia yesterday and loved it of course, and at the end they announced Season 4. When will it air? I dunno, I just know that they will in fact have a S4, so yay. I'm hoping Overlord has a S4 too, that ends on Tuesday, super looking forward to that. Also hi everyone, long time no see.
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Id say itll be next year.If I were to guess Id say itll start April
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It will be some time next year I'd say around June or something
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I've heard a lot of great things about MHA. Actually accidentally saw the first episode thinking it was OPM lmao. Looked pretty dope but yet another anime with a.. strange art style. I guess the best way to describe it is the AoT look? Where everyone looks like they're drawn with a sharpie. Definitely plan on getting back into it at some point, I didn't realize how far along the anime was. Seems like just the other day I stumbled upon it.
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