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What is your idea of fun? I would say anything where I can relax and not have to worry about anything. Like on the weekends I spend time with my fiance listening to music kick back and have a beer.

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Sexy time with @Nasyr
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PPI wroteSexy time with @Nasyr

You're damn right it is!
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Spamming the shit out of the forums on TheTechGame is pretty fun.
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I would have to say just laying in bed and binge watch TV show's.
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Xbox is my way of relaxing
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Hanging out with friends having a bonfire. And sunday night at the drag strip.
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staying inside all day either watching and eating junk food w my girlfriend or playing video games (lol ik im a loser)
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showing people my true form instead of hiding it, well that and just binge watching every 90s tv show and every youtuber i sub to/like to watch, not even joking these are my idea of fun
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Joking around with my friends and laughing a lot. Watching movies and playing basketball.
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