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I'm on the road to 300 gifts and I'm looking to reach it some point in the near future, I'm just about to have my first child so probably won't be gifting as much gold as I do now but will be trying to reach 300 gifts then I'll be done gifting

If you post on this topic you are bound to get gifted gold at some point, I'll be gifting everyone until in reach the big 300!

How to Enter!!!

To enter just comment below and I'll get to you as quickly as I can but remember it won't be straight away but I will get to you!!

Rep and thanks are very much appreciated but won't Better the chances of you getting gifted first by any means!

300 gifts here i come!

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This is honestly so awesome of you! Thank you so much!

Count me in man! I'd love the gold
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You'll be there in no time! Congrats on having a little one boss! Count me in
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Want a name change, thank you for this!
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I definitely don't need gold but um thanks
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Count me in!

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Can I dab on this thread?
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Recently got my gold gifter badge, only got 30 days left on my gold..

Thanks man!
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Uhhh? Lemme get uhhhh GOLD
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Well congrats on being a father! Free gold is free gold so send some if youd like
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