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You got an awesome looking family dude!

Hope he stays healthy and has a really good birthday
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Congratulations my man, and happy birthday to the little one!
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Congratulations man. Happy birthday Bandit Jr.
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Nice job brother, keep him healthy.
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Omg my son was born today


Weight 7:12

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Nathan wroteOmg my son was born today


Weight 7:12

Named him George

5:43pm on September 16th, 2017

8lbs 1oz.
20.5 inches

Keep in mind his due date was October 8th.
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That's pretty cool. Happy 1 year birthday. I can say I'm not going to have kids for awhile..
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Happy Birthday lil bandit
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Happy birthday to the little one bro
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let me know when he turns 5 so i can make him into a certified weeb

happy birthday 2 him
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