GeneralToday my son turned 1. :mindblown:Posted:

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Its crazy to think that my son is already one. God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy for my third and final child, final as my wife can't have anymore, maybe not final in an adoption stage. Most that know me on here know that I am an older age member on here at the age of 31. Ive been married for 10 years and have two beautiful daughters along with my son. I really dont know where id be without any of them. I wake up, go to work, and grind for them. They are my rock for sure.

Some may be wondering why I am sharing something so personal on a gaming website, this is my home away from home and my second family. I appreciate you all over the years and provide laughter and entertainment. I really consider a lot of you guys friends even if we never meet.

So back to the post, my SON is one, it feels like yesterday I revealed the gender of what we were having on here and then the birth of my son. He is chill and quick on his fours, we call him stealth/flash. His room is straight up marvel and the way he is growing we call him hulk, he wears 18/24 month clothes, very tall for his age.

Below are some pictures of little man, hope you guys have a blessed day and hope ive blessed you with my babble thread.

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Happy Birthday to the little guy. I don't have kids personally butmy siblings do, they indeed grow up so quickly.
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happy birthday bandit jr
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Congrats man and Happy Birthday Bandit Jr!
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Congrats! Happy birthday to him cx
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Happy Birthday to the baby my dude!!!
His eyes are a trip
Crazy to see how quickly he is growing up, proud of you for being such a good dad
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Family is by far the most important thing, hope your lad has a great day and has a happy birthday!
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Happy birthday to the Little dude wont be long til he has all the women chasing after him!
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Happy birthday to mini rep bandit that qt
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happy bday my man have a good day
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