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I use this username because of its backstory haha. I was 10 when I first joined TTG and was posting my Gamertag EVERYWHERE trying to get into lobbies. Since MW2 is backwards compatible now, you can bet you'll be catching me on here A LOT MORE. And I hope to be investing in a RGH within the near future so you'll know what to do. But yeah. You shouldn't see this username for long. I'm gonna be getting Gold and switching it ASAP cause honestly, I can't even stand looking at my username... So yeah. Not an introduction, but more or less a welcome back(?)!

Glad to be back.

- Tippy/SeaPotatos

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Welcome back man!
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Glad to see you've made your return!

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try out Rodent he's the man!

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Welcome back, hope to see you active.
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Welcome back bro I see your an oldie hope to see you stick around this time
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Welcome back! See you around
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wb fam
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It's always nice to see old members come back
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Welcome back!
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