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Thoughts on the response?
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killed him like everyone knew he would.

"as long as I'm shady you still gone be In my shadow"
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Absolutely killed him like repbandit said everyone knew it was going to happen
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Yea big fax above.

I'm from Detroit so personally I never even thought he needed a response

That just drew more attention to MGK

Nonetheless he shot back hard. We know em still had it in him.
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There's a reason why you don't mess with the lyrical god lol. I believe Eminem didn't even need to respond to his Diss because he's on a whole other level than MGK, but this just put the icing on the cake lol.
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Such a fitting title to the song
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Much prefer Eminem, like a lot of people
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Eminem demolished him, as we all expected
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rip mgk career
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You guys should really watch the interviews with sway about his kamikaze album it goes into the reason why he dissed who he dissed especially joe budden, mgk and a few others.
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