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Helo there TTG members Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen! Well finally I'm at 1k posts I'm very happy. I want to thank everyone in the Shoutbox for being funny and being great! I also want to thank every Staff on here and the Admins for making such a great community as well.
Lastly I also want to thank people that browse the forums a lot just like me. Thank you for reading this and have a fantastic weekend!

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  • Halloween!
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Congrats on your first 1k posts my man! A new badge and a huge milestone, keep up the grind!!
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Congrats on the 1k rainmaker badge! Just hit 1k posts also recently!
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congrats on 1k man, nice badge
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Congratulations on the 1k posts bro, and congrats on your very first cheese block.
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on 1k posts man!
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Congrats on reaching 1k posts bud.
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Way to go reaching 1k post

I'll see you at 3K
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Congrats on 1k posts bro and can see you got your first cheese block see you at your next milestone
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