GeneralHow many people here still have belongings from long ago?Posted:

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How many of you here still have belongings of things they had when they where little or as a teenager?, A lot of people I hear say we'll get ride of it some things you list keep. For example I have one of my stuffed Pokemon animals my grandpa got me for my birthday before he passed away all I really have left of what he got me.

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I keep some stuff but half the time it all ends up in the loft
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I lost most of my stuff from a kid when our house was on fire
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I only have a Shark Tooth which I found near the Nothsea in Germany. I think I was 6 years old :p
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I have most of my old belongings, but most of them have vanished within my house lmao
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I don't really have many of my old belongings due to moving houses a lot
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oHusky wroteI don't really have many of my old belongings due to moving houses a lot
I can relate to this for sure
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A lot of my closet (at moms house) is full of toys / stuff animals and blankets that I don't trust myself to keep.

I want to keep most of it forever maybe let me future son/daughter have a round with it
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I have a lot of my stuff from my childhood. I used to have a shelf above my bed with my prized possessions on it that reminded me of certain events in the past. When I left for college, the shelf came down and my stuff went to the attic.
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Nothing much, few things I'll never get rid of but nothing major.

Started collection watches on my 18th birthday, so those I'll never get rid of either.
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