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Have you had a Nick name given by a family member growing up ? If so what was it? Please share. My Nick name was Pooh Bear growing up by mom when I was one year old she called me Pooh which turned into Pooh Bear.

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People normally just call me by my second name for some reason
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My mate always call me "meggy" I believe it has something to do with my last name but my dad has been called it along with my uncle's so it's kinda been passed down
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I don't know why but all my friends call me "cutey".
By now, even my family calls me that...
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My mom use to call me olive oil when I was growing up and my friends called me Ollie or liv.
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My nickname was fuzzy. Chose it as my nickname on Dirt 2 back in the day and my friends just called me it from there
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My sister used to call my monkey butt cus id climb everything that's about it tho
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honestly you guys really don't wanna know what my nickname was, real talk right there!
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In baseball my coaches called my Scooter cause I ran so fast.
One of them comes into my work and still calls my Scooter or for some reason, Matty Ice
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My nickname growing up was ken, still have it now
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