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Who am i?
Hey my name is Kian, and i own Urb Consoles we are very new to the scene of modding and have only recently got our stock in and are starting to make progress. Although we are new our standards are very high, we will not a console leave our possession if there is a fault/bad boot times.

What i offer:
RGH/JTAG'S, Send ins & Trades

We plan to expand out into many other fields, but for now, sticking to what we know best. Every console comes with a 30-day warranty after the 30 day period we will still provide support, but will not accept a return. All consoles come with Xex Menu 1.2 installed. We do not currently accept custom requests, for example, cutouts, custom ring of lights etc. We simply provide the community with consoles with amazing boot times!


I'm open for orders again! Please pm me!

PM us!

Send Ins:
( You send me your console to get a rgh/jtag install )
Slim - £40
Phat - £45
I pay for postage back to you!)

Current Stock:

- coming soon.

(More extras coming soon!)



Please note this is a new account via TTG, i have been on other sites previously.

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This proof isn't going to work here haha, going to need more proof with your name somewhere in the picture
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