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I hit 6k posts today.
The road to 10k seems a lot easier now, can't wait to keep grinding, or spamming, whichever you prefer.
Sending me rep will give me the energy I need to spam.
Hopefully I can get a new badge or something cute before 7 years, I have a few goals in mind

RIP Mac Miller

Thanks list is copy and pasted from 1k rep.
TastyCereal, NICK<<3333, Loke, Saki, bun bun, Taylor, Mathew, RodentModz, Mikey, Jimbob, Chris, Brigand, lizard, zerotwo, xbox, 13, Jay, telli, sean, mortar, dale, KyloCrux, M0B, Acetone, JMG, Wizard, pretty much everyone in the shoutbox, sorry to anyone i missed


Any staff that removes my posts on the road to 10k is gonna get it. This is your warning:

The Following 14 Users Say Thank You to Maze For This Useful Post:

TastyCereal (09-13-2018), Rodent_Modz (09-13-2018), coolbunny1234 (09-13-2018), MGCPlays (09-13-2018), Xbox (09-13-2018), oHusky (09-13-2018), Adam (09-13-2018), 4321coolbunny (09-13-2018), M0B (09-13-2018), Jimbo (09-13-2018), Mikey (09-13-2018), Ye (09-13-2018), -Moonshine (09-13-2018), Polaris- (09-13-2018)
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Congratulations on 6,000 post man! That sure is a milestone in which I could possibly reach one day. Keep it going and in no time you'll reach 10,000!

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Congrats bro 6k posts! Thats insane!
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Congrats bro!! 6k is a great milestone
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You spam too much but congrats <3
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Congratulations on 6k man, im sure you will get that 10k soon enough. Hopefully one day i see you at the big 15k. Keep up the spam man.
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That's a crazy amount of posts bro keep it up you been on that grind!
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Congrats on 6k posts!
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You're smashing out these milestones man, keep up the work and I'll see you in the shoutbox <3
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Congratulations on reaching 6,000 posts, Maze! You're an awesome member on this site and it's great to speak to you in the Shoutbox. Keep it up man.

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