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If you're a fan of Monster Hunter: World, and you own an xbox one, join the tech game's official squad!

How to Join:

Send a message to Actually Nicky on xbox, and I will find a time to invite you!

No more sending out SOS's when you're having trouble with that pesky little Anjanath. With this Squad, you'll always have a reliable buddy to have your back!

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to nick For This Useful Post:

Petite (09-12-2018), 4321coolbunny (09-12-2018), Tricks (09-12-2018), Loke (09-12-2018)
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I had this game for a short period of time may re buy it but I'll need help lol..

I have no friends
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What a helpful and beautiful post for TTG MWH players. You continue to blow me away Nick.
This is gonna be great for all of those on TTG who play.
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My dude! Joining up on this when I'm home.
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Hit me up with an invite, I will join it.
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