Moddingwhats the best xprc tool thats paid.Posted:

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trying to see whats the best tool to buy out there.
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Either chaotic360 which can be purchased here on TTG: Forums/t=7687791/chaotic360-moddi...t-now.html

Or ApparitionNET, which you can find by googling

personally I use Chaotic360
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Chaotic360 in my opinion, more options and such.
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I won chaotic 360 (giveaway) a few days ago and I would like to say It's brilliant and the staff are so helpful it's unreal. Usually such a popular tool is ran by people who don't have time to respond as they are really busy. Chaotic 360s staff MAKES TIME for customers and I'm very pleased with there tool
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Chaotic360 is my favorite tool. I've used both ApparitionNET and Chaotic, and I just like how Chaotic looks, how it runs, their support, etc. I'd definitely check it out if I were you!
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