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Took some time, stopped at 75 in 2015. Gifted the last lot last night.

Also just got 200, amazing right? no didn't think so.

Now I need to request a new username.


Hero can suck my nuts

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Woo grats man. 100 Gifts is a lotta dolla

Congrats lad.
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Congrats on giving 100 people gold, you spend a lot of dolla on fandoms
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congrats man and thank you for your generosity
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Welcome to the 100+ gifters club. It really is great seeing more and more using gain such a high count of gifts. Thanks for supporting the community man.

Just don't go catching me just yet. Let me stay on top for a bit longer. Thanks. +600 rep <3

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Congrats dude
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Sweet badge my man! I'm quite jealous, thanks for supporting the site so much!
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Congrats. And thank you for giving back to the ttg Community.

Thanked and Rep added.

Nice looking Badge also
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Congrats bro, I just missed out on the giveaway lol! Enjoy more Rep and dropped a thanks
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