Battlefield(XBOX) Free Premium Pass. (6 Days Left)Posted:

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Premium pass is free for the next 6 days, so get it while you can

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The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to Pepperoni For This Useful Post:

oHusky (09-12-2018), JMG (09-12-2018), deadeyes (09-11-2018), Zentrax (09-11-2018), Activez- (09-11-2018), MGCPlays (09-11-2018)
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Thanks bro
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Deal is available on Origin for PC too.

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thanks for the heads up i had no idea
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Will have to get this before it goes!! Thanks for sharing
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Thanks man! a good reason to hop on this game, its been a while
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Guess I'll have to cop this before it's too. Thanks my man!
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Thanks for sharing this
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nice dude thank again
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Thanks a lot bro!
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