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Wassup TTG

I haven't been on here in a good few years but feels good to be back on the site I've missed it

I plan on getting back into hosting daily lobbies and helping out as much people as humanly possible on this site

I've missed this community it Truely is one of the best sites full of friendly people willing to help people who need it

I'll catch you all in the forums <3

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Welcome back man! Glad to see you coming back with plans on doing something and helping the community!! Hope you stick around.

Feel free to stop by the shoutbox sometime
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Nice to see you have come back man, just hope you stay with us this time. See you around buddy.
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Glad to see you make a return, I hope to see you around the forums.
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Welcome back hope to see you around!
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Welcome back to TTG, hope to see you become a familiar face!
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Hey man welcome back to the site! Hope to see you around
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Welcome back bud

Hope to see you around
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Welcome back to the community, hope to see you around.
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Welcome back man!
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