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Well whats your favourite?
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I prefer fortnite at the moment
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Radical Heights
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If I had to choose, PUBG.. don't play any but I've played PUBG a few times!
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Fortnite honestly. I never really gave pub g the chance that I should have

Add me up and let's run it!

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i like to know i get killed by a foreigner but i hate being killed by kids
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The Culling 2
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It's not even close, Fortnite by a longshot IMO.
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Fortnite >
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Depends what mood I'm in really, if I wanna play an instense game with a lot of action I'll play fortnite; but if I wanna play a more chilled out game and just sit back picking people off, I'll play pubg.

I don't have a preference, I like them both
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