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I want to thank the Administrator who accepted my Tutorials.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

My Goals:

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BorutoUzumaki (09-10-2018), Xbox (09-10-2018), Whom (09-10-2018), Rodent_Modz (09-10-2018), Adam (09-10-2018), LGW (09-10-2018), Brigand (09-10-2018), Mikey (09-09-2018), grhawn (09-09-2018)
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Congrats on the new badge m8
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Well done
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Congrats on the new badge bro, and good luck getting the other 2 badges.
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Congrats bro I need me some new badges
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Grats on that shiny new badge!
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Congrats on Tutorial King <3

You got the other two easy!
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Nice badge my man! I sure am jealous, good luck with more tut submissions!!
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Congrats bro! I saw you at the top of monthly, i was surprised you had so many...
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nice keep it up get the others
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