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i have not used my rgh in about a year, my dash is not the latest if someone has some time maybe a hr or two id be grateful. I have 3 usbs im willing to clear and a whole hdd of stuff that does not work if someone can help me set up and get everything back in order. I tried to update myself ( did not brick) but cant even get my ip to even use xbl neighborhood i am stuck i feel like nothings working if someone can team viewer me and help me completely set everything up again that would be dope hmu im willing to pay 20$ to get EVERYTHING back and im in need of a kv and stealth also willing to pay for both of those
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Type "Modded Warfare" on YouTube that's a start to finish guide right there save your $20 for some stealth
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If you ever need help feel free to PM me
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If you still need help let me know.
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If you need help then hit me up
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Do you got YouTube and anydesk
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