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xBEMANx's Unlock All Lobby

If you would like to donate or purchase time in my lobby my paypal is- kyleizquerdo @ - 1$ a minute in a private lobby

How To Join

1) Send Private Chat To - xB3M4Nx
2) Hover over compare games
3) when it says joinable hit A and then B
4) My gamertag menu should now say join session in progress but don't click on it just yet
5) wait until joinable goes away and wait for it to say joinable again once it says joinable hit the join session in progress button!
6) enjoy the lobby



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You need to provide proof. If you can not provide proof staff will take down the post. If you have trouble with recording grab your phone all you need GL!
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Legit and +repd you mate o BLaDzY o
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