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So i finally got that 1k rainmaker badge! Took a bit to long but I finally did it, thanks to all who supported me since I first joined TTG, and also thanks to the daily SB peeps for helping me reach 200 rep! That's all for today,

Have a great day peeps

Also special thanks to Rodent_Modz for helping me out a lot recently

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Congrats on 200 Rep Thanked and Rep see you at 300

Also 1K badge
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Nice one bro!
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Congrats bro see you at 2k posts and 300 rep
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  • Christmas!
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Congratulations bro!
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congrats man
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Congrats on 1,000 posts.
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Congrats on the 1k badge

See you at 200 rep!
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  • V5 Launch
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Congrats on 1000 posts man!
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats Man!!
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