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I'm looking for a loan as my mum just died and I need to bury her
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Being 18 first off youll need a job no job no loan. Youll need decent to good credit. Which you wont have. But if you do have a job get a cosigner but you might have to put up collateral(something worth the money your asking) Did she not have insurance plan? Worst case scenario is i would start a gofundme on facebook. Sorry for your loss.
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Try get someone to be your garantor but I wouldn't advise getting a loan if you don't seriously need it
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comes a loan comes paying back that loan, always get loans from your bank not some sketch dude, gofundme is the better way, youre 18 you have no credit yet, do you at least have a job or anyone with credit who can help you? if no then getting a bank loan is 100% going to be harder to get, so do a gofundme and spread it around to places promote it and people donate to help bury your mother.

sorry for your loss if she really is dead(not trying to be rude but i seen quite alot of fake stuff like this) but yeah just do gofundme its better and you wouldnt have to pay anyone back the amount you took out, a loan is something you need to fully pay back if i recall
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I think Mario is right. In your position, a go fund me would probably be effiecient.

If you really need a loan, like others said you need a job and decent credit.

If you have any close relatives or friends, possibly getting a "loan" from someone who understands the situations might work, like if someone's grandparents have money that you can pay back without interest or something.

I'm really, really sorry for the position you are in, I can't even imagine. I really hope everything works out for you man.
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Never get a loan man. Its never worth it.
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Aside from the loan, I'm truly sorry to hear about your mother. Your mother will always be there watching every step you take in life being proud. God bless you dude.
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I'm sorry to hear about that, dude
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sorry for your loss brother, keep your head held high.
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u don't
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