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conor has this one in the bag 100%
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I agree with the people that say Conor has this in the bag
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I am huge McGregor fan and I also admire Khabib.
If this fight stays standing I think Conor has a great chance at defeating Khabib, although if it goes to the floor I think Khabib has it in the bag.

Tough to decide but nonetheless it will be an awesome fight.
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Not even the greatest wrestlers/grapplers in the world could stop Khabib. Khabib ragdolled Dos Anjos which isn't any joke. Khabib also loves to eat punches that people may land when he goes for the takedown. I don't see Connor winning this at all.
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Khabib 100%, Conor doesn't have the ground game nor takedown defense to stop him. Unless Conor can hurt him early there is no way Conor wins this Mark my words.
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Honestly, The money is on Khabib because wrestling trumps all fighting styles... but if Conor can successfully get into Khabib's head with his awesome mental warfare... Khabib might stand up with him....like Eddie did... the amazing wrestler Eddie Alvarez...and if Khabib stands...Conor shocks the world once again.

Big Conor fan.

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TommyShelby wroteIt's simple, if they stay on their feet Conor wins without a doubt but if Khabib takes him to the ground then Khabib wins in seconds... all depends on what happens in the first round
Spot on my man Spot on.
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not huge on this sport but if i were to pick one i would pick conor, guys an animal
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I'm so pumped for this fight, I know a lot of people who are saying it's gonna either gonna be a boring fight and go to decision or Khabib will knock Conor out, but I think Conor is gonna come back stronger than ever, I've been a Conor McGregor fan for a little over 5 years now and I think he's determined and ready to make his comeback
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Can see McGregor winning, although he has been inactive for years he is still the goat.
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