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Hey everyone!

I honestly can't even tell you when the last time I was on here was. It's been a few years so I thought a reintroduction was necessary. With MW2 making a comeback I am starting to enjoy the things that I used to which is what led me here and I'm happy to be back and see a community that is just as lively as I remember it being. I look forward to talking to many of you in the future, and feel free to add me!


Thanks for the replies everyone! It's nice to be back

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Welcome back,

Hope to see you around the forums and in the shoutbox
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Welcome back, glad to see you come back. I hope I see you around.
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Welcome back to TTG, and I'm glad an old game as brought you back to the days of TTG you remember so I'll hopefully see you around the forums and come chill in the shoutbox
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Well welcome back! Youre at 7.5 years just about good job!
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Welcome back to the site.

Stay active now.

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welcome back!
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Welcome back to the site bro
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Welcome Back
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Welcome back! Come chill in the shoutbox sometime
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