PlayStation 4Is a Playstation VR worth it?Posted:

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I was thinking about buying a PlayStation VR the other day but was wondering if it was really worth the price tag or should I look for other opinions?

If anyone has one, is there anything you really like or dislike about it? What's something people should know when buying the product?
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Yes it's fun and playing horror games and or fighting games it's really interesting, there's tons of games I still have to order to try them out. I mainly love the fighting/action games and it has been a fun experience, especially playing with friends or family it's gets very silly. Yes I recommend buying a VR
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Yes i haven't got one myself but I've been to family's houses and there honestly so fun to play
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I bought one, and played it once.

I never really got the games people were all hyped for it tho.

Might give it another shot... but if you can pick it up cheap I think it's worth it.

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