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About time I got this damn badge, and it wasn;t even on a shouterday, smh.

But thanks to TheTechGame for sending me all that lovely virtual currency.

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The Following 18 Users Say Thank You to Craig For This Useful Post:

Mikey (09-08-2018), Roly (09-08-2018), Matthew- (09-08-2018), Moonshine (09-07-2018), tuf (09-07-2018), TTG (09-07-2018), Rodent_Modz (09-07-2018), Nasyr (09-07-2018), Saki (09-07-2018), Zentrax (09-07-2018), Jay (09-07-2018), Dusknoir (09-07-2018), Xbox (09-07-2018), M0B (09-07-2018), Adam (09-07-2018), coolbunny1234 (09-07-2018), Nige (09-07-2018), Luke (09-07-2018)
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Congratulations you bootyful bastahd
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Gratz lad on being blessed by the fairy 25 times

As your reward, you can have a leaked image of the fairy

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Congrats on the new badge Craig
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I'm mad jealous.
I'll be there... eventually.
Congrats on the new badge Craig!
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Grats on the new badge.

Guess I should of got on earlier.

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Gratz on the sb hero mate. Welcome to the club
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someone gave you the bootleg badge that bitch blue as a mf hahaha
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GS on SB Hero Hopefully ill get it one day aha.

How much you payin the fairy fool?
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