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Not been on here since 2011, long time eh
Recently changed from Xbox to PS4 and looking for people to play with - got elder scrolls online, destiny 2 and fortnite just now but plan to buy the new Spider-Man, red dead redemption 2, black ops 4 and Anthem so far.... if anyone wants to group up my name on PlayStation is MysticStiv

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Welcome back fellow 7 year member.

I'm down to play something sometime.

See ya around buddy.

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Welcome back! Come chill In the shoutbox sometime
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hey ! welcome back
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Welcome back oldie stick around this time?
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Welcome back man, and i like your name by the way.

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welcome back man
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Welcome back I guess, hope you stick around this time..

Catch ya around maybe
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Nice to see a 7yr member make a return.

Stay around this time aye?
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Welcome back
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