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  • Christmas!
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Another Legend gone to soon, I cant believe at his age he would be gone, but of course he will be missed. rip -Mac
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This still makes me upset till this day
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Rest easy my friend, Mac Miller
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I miss this mans, loved his music especially Donald trump song.
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  • Christmas!
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This was tragic the only thing that made it worse was the people using his name to get views
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Such a legend sad to see him go may he rip
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  • Summer 2018
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It's crazy it's almost been a year, I sometimes still think about the effect his music had on me back in the day and how much I listened to him. He was a great artist such a shame to see him and his talents gone now.
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Miss you mac
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Kate wroteMiss you mac

yeah I miss mac too
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I still tear up listening to some of his songs, especially new faces v2, I listened to the Faces mixtape a lot during a very low period of my life and I'd like to believe it helped me through it, in one way or another. Miss you Mac
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