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Just seen this as I was getting home from work. Such a sad day to be honest I grew up on mac miller music. Loved his old shit and enjoyed watching him on tv, he was certainly a legend and will be missed.

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Such sad news. Was a big fan of him, this hurts a lot. Another artist I love, gone way too soon.
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I hope he rests in peace, listened to him since Kool aid and frozen pizza. :'(
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It's sad to hear ANOTHER artist sadly passed away due to a small thing that is big and to this day people abuse drugs in that sense.

We lost Mac Miller
We Lost X
We Lost Lil Peep
We Lost Avicii
We Lost Fredo

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What a tragedy! He had so much things to overcome and could not overcome the drugs! Rest in Peace!
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Mac's music was a very important part of my teen years, he will be missed, R.I.P.
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Another Legend Gone </3
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It been a rough year that's for sure
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Absolutely loved Mac Millers music so when I heard of this news I was devastated.
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Rest in peace to the legend that is Mac Miller.

I don't know if anyone else has seen but people are commenting on Ariana's things saying it's all her fault etc. So many people are toxic and vile. We lose a legend and people are trying to mentally destroy another.

People suck.
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