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Over the past year that Fortnite has grown, people still claim they're on top. which is 100% true.. people still think that other games are stealing ideas for from them, when no body seems to understand that without H1Z1 or PubG there never would have been FN BR.

I feel people seem to miss the fact that one dude created all of the BR modes including Arma Mod, then H1 and the moved to his own game PubG.

Don't get me wrong Fortnite was a great game, Season 1 & Season 2 was fantastic, now in my opinion it's running out of ideas, going down hill yes maybe it's the top game stil.

BUT the numbers show otherwise, Ninja viewer count is under half of what he did have months ago.
It's no longer top on twitch and if it is not by half the amount it use to be.

- You can tell me I'm wrong but nobody likes this game. I play it I enjoy it, but I **** hate it.
any Streamer if they're honest will probably tell you how bad it is also, the game is fun at first but they've ran it into the ground, they lack the knowledge of keeping a game like this afloat, whilst they have and for good reason kids play it and a lot of them.

It's unique compared to other games, although once they added new guns, new meta's they ran it into the ground.

I know a lot of you will disagree with me, I've played this game from day 1, I remember how good it was I've noticed how much it's turn to shit, people play it because it helps grow them more, giving them more attention.

I've been waiting for Black Out, bceause that's my type of game I just watched the trailer not long ago, some kid well a lot of kids are saying " why are you all liking this, they legit copied Fortnite " acting like Fortnite actually made BR a thing.

Fortnite would be nothing without Arma, H1, Pubg and any other projects he may have worked on lol.

Honestly, I'm waiting for the day Fortnite dies or for the day everyone realises how shit it is.

< The Meta, SMG, Spray and Pray = no Skill >
< Double Pump, whilst it was better than SMG's it is not balanced or takes skill >
< The Weapons are either to OP or under powered - Shotguns doing 7 damage then getting 1 shot for 190 >
BLOOM: is a big factor of this game it's a BR game it requires skill, team work and effort not simple spraying landing a few lucky headshots.
I don't know how many times I've died to someone who litreally cannot walk or build due to how the system works.

<useless shit / running out of ideas >
Impulse Gernades
< then they add new things " Shock Wave " which do the exact same thing without fall damage.

Whilst it may be the biggest game in the world, it's a company that has got so hungry for the money.
and there's lots of proof to back it.

< Sueing Hackers, which yeah it's resonable but not for how much they attempt, and when it's on kids... >

SKINS, it's the one thing you can buy it's the only thing they put effort into.
- and they make alot from this.

BUGS are a huge issue, something they lack the knowledge on fixing, soemthing they're not good at figuring out.
< this game is very consisnit on having a lot of bugs, they focus on giving new contact because that is what strives them, although there's lots of bugs in each patch many of them not being fixed, not for a long time as they tend to focus more on things that give them money, Cosmetics. >
-This is also a weird one because they claim to have all of these people working on the game, but they make PvE games they do not understand PvP, it takes them many of attemps to fix an issue sometimes removing a week for a few days or even up to a week, sometimes they just remove the item < smoke bombs, whilst under used they are really broke, something that was noted from launch and was never fixed >

Another big thing about this game is the Emotes...
They're all stolen, no credit is ever given, I feel for those who put their hard earned time and effort into doing this stuff, for them to steal it and give litreally no credit, I get it.. it's not copiyright but shit they made it, they founded it, credit them.

I mean, honestly this is more my opion on the game and facts in my eyes, some people will disagree but those who've played for as long as I know will know for a fact I am right.

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Played the game once and never got into it. I'm just waiting for this game to die like you stated. Never saw what was "fun" about it.
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It's a good game in my opinion it fills what a lot of people want but still doesn't give me the chills like pubg does to
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In some ways I agree but I also disagree.

Yeah it's a great game and yeah the twitch viewer counts are probably going down.

But when you say they're running out of ideas they're really not. They are just not pushing updates they're taking their time,

However I don't say I **** hate the game yes it's aids at times with the constant spray and pray but let's be honest we've all done it.

Also you only hate the game cause you suck ;) love you Kyle <3
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I think things always die down towards the end of seasons and then when new ones come around everyone comes back this game won't die out for a long long time
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I agree 100% game turned to shit and it sucks to say that.
Back late season 1, early season 2 game was super fun. Now I get on and I get tilted in the first few games to something wack.

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The amount of times I would shoot someone from the back only to die because the guy turns around and builds a wooden mansion in 0.5 seconds and 360 noscopes me is horrible.

Plus this game was in beta (probably still is) in beta for the longest time. It's exactly what it is, AN UNFINISHED MESS.

Idk this is only my opinion.
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imo pubg > fortnite
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Bough 3 Seasons on Fortnite but i never liked it, I tried to get into the game but i would shoot someone then they would turn around and build the whole of Russia and then kill me so i gave up, PUBG is better
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Just read this and i do have to agree with you honestly. I stopped playing the game entirely at the end of Season 4 and from then on for me it has without a doubt gone down hill and the meta is a complete mess. Even just watching streamers that i used to watch in the early days of it. I've noticed that it just isn't the same anymore and yeah a lot of people seem to be jumping on the FN bandwagon for the views... That's honestly all down to the control it has over the Youtube gaming section at the moment. The game has just gotten stale which is to be expected after it dominated for all those months it can't be expected to be like that forever. One of the problems i've always had with it is there choice in the emotes and stuff also... They could easily get Company's to license them skins and moves or whatever ect.. instead of just basically ripping off there idea's... They had Thanos for IW which was random but look at the popularity that gained something i think they should have took into account back then.. Rocket League does it fine with its DLC so i don't understand why Epic didn't ever bother (Money thing i suppose lol)

You ain't the only one that feels like this.. I'm with you on blackout also saw the trailer last night and can't wait to try it out maybe it will make a change but who knows...
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