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Getting back into the Modding community after a 3-4 year break. Only a 1Y account.
I have posted a bit since I've come back but decided to make a little Introduction for myself.

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Juiceyy (09-10-2018), Xbox (09-10-2018), Mikey (09-07-2018)
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Hey welcome back to TTG! Hope you have fun again like I am!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back to TheTechGame family bro, hope you stay woth us this time round.
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Welcome back,

Hope to see you around the forums and in the shoutbox
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Welcome back to the community buddy, I'll hopefully catch you around the forums and maybe even in the shoutbox
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Welcome back bro hope you stick around
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Welcome back bub!
Hope to see ya around the forums I chill in!

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Welcome back bud
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welcome back buddy
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