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"MILE 22"

Went tonight with my wife tonight and watch "Mile 22" with Mark Wahlberg, it was an "OK" movie, basically he he works for the government as a security analyst and they are trying to intercept materials that can create some sort of "Super-nuke' from the Russians. We'll they have a source that will give them the information on the location of the material if they fly him to america(from Indonesia) so that he will be safe. But the whole movie is them trying to get him to the airport.

The movie has some iconic fight scenes, lots of firefights, and super bloody. But lots of lack of construction in the plot as far as going in depth of what the hell is actually going on. Me and my wife walked out of the movies scratching our heads, it wasn't easy to follow, I didn't understand why they added certain irrelevant character traits and why they left out important ones that would maybe make the plot line a little easier to understand. The cinematography was great, awesome visuals. Best part of the entire film was hands down the combat, it was so well orchestrated and thought out, not one of those movies where your asking yourself "They still haven't reloaded?" Combat seemed very genuine.

My Opinion

Save your money, definitely a movie I would rent and watch, not just to save myself some money but also to give me the ability to rewind and maybe try to catch parts of the movie i didn't originally catch, or comprehend. Great movie, just not a theater movie.
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I think it looks a fairly decent film tbh. I really like Mark wahlberg I think he's a great actor
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Marks a mint actor but terrible movie
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YTFB wroteMarks a mint actor but terrible movie

i agree, mark is a great actor but i didn't enjoy this movie.
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