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Hey Guys!

My name's Kylie. I used to have an account on here but it got hacked and later suspended. I just purchased a new gaming laptop for college and I decided to come check out how TTG was doing and also see if I could get back into the forums and activities. I'm super excited to be back and contribute to this wonderful community once again.

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Welcome back to the site my man!
I would suggest contacting a site administrator and try getting your old account back.
You can find the staff list here Forums/staff.html
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Welcome to the site man, hope you get your old account back soon. As Maze said, just contact one of the admins and they will help you.
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welcome back!
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Welcome back to to the site bro hope you stick around
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Welcome back! Hope to see you around
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Welcome back to the site! Hope to see you around bro!
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Welcome back to the site my man, come kick it in the shoutbox!
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Welcome back
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welcome back
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