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Actor Burt Reynolds died of cardiopulmonary arrest. He was 82 years old.


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Some very sad news, Smokey and the bandit will always be a classic.
It's crazy how quickly things like this circulate now, it's like the instant someone of any importance dies or does anything, the whole world instantly knows about it.
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Absolute legend, gonna be missed.
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So sad, a Legend is gone.....
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I know he wasn't super famous for this, but the movie "Cop & a half" was my all time fav movie when I was a kid.

RIP I'm going to watch the movie tonight in memorandum
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RIP Bandit

One of my favorite movies.
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Seen this before I went to work this morning.

RIP to the legend.

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ugh rest in peace
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Will always be a legend and never forgotten.

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RIP at least he lived until 82 that's an accomplishment in my opinion.
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